the GEM - the elite real estate tech think-tank.

A community of the world's most innovative and diverse real estate creatives, doers, and pioneers.

What is the GEM?


Short for "Geek Estate Mastermind."

Membership is $129 / quarter to get you into the Think Tank for real estate tech.

In addition to connecting you with like-minded entrepreneurs, the Mastermind is where you’ll read the best exclusive content from Geek Estate’s curator, Drew Meyers. There are original pieces via the Weekly Transmission, covering the spectrum from shipping container co-living spaces to the battle for listing acquisition in the first iBuyer world war. 150+ Transmissions have been delivered straight to the inbox every week. 

We publish a Weekly Radar that includes our take on what's happening in real estate tech. Our curated recommendations and synthesis come out every Sunday evening along with member news to peruse.

With no agenda from any large sponsor/advertiser...we say what no one else will.

All signal, no noise. 100% independent.

Our purpose is two-fold...

  1. Curate and attract the most innovative and diverse community of real estate creatives, doers, and pioneers in the world.
  2. Make members wildly successful in their careers building real estate companies.

Our member promise:

  • We deliver an exclusive, objective lens into the trends, companies, people, and ideas shaping real estate technology with thought-provoking analysis and conversations that keep you inspired every week.
  • We help you make better, more well-informed decisions to help grow and support people and companies making a difference in real estate.
  • We enable discovery and meeting others with shared interests online and in person (whether they live near you or are traveling to the same conference).

Membership includes:

  • "Weekly Transmission" covering one or two topics (examples -- certainty as a service, Knock analysis & burn IDX to the ground). Delivered on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • "Weekly Radar" with curated links with context/analysis as to its relevance/significance, delivered every Sunday (November Monthly Radar example).
  • Access to a private community for in-depth discussion of real estate tech strategy and priority email access.
  • Access to members-only gatherings (quarterly events take place in Seattle & New York, with Denver, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami in the works).
  • Promotion on Geek Estate Blog (1x per quarter).

We are a paid membership, private community that operates without the sales pitches and noise you'll find in every free community. Members pay a $129 quarterly membership fee. 

-- Drew Meyers


Who is it for?

We're looking for doers and pioneers. Diverse, by design, the community is a mix of founders of early stage companies, CEO's of established companies, technology vendors, team leaders, product innovators, real estate broker-owners, and forward thinking agents. All of which have a deeper interest in technology than the average person. 

Applicants should have a minimum of several years of operational experience in the industry.

What companies are represented?

The Mastermind includes members from companies such as Opendoor, Zillow Group, Knock, Perch, Boomtown, dotloop, Imprev, CityBldr, ERANAR, Avail, Second Century Ventures, RET Ventures, and NFX.

What are you looking for in members?

More than anything else, we're seeking doers. People who wake up every day striving to push themselves and their businesses forward. We don't want members who love talking. We want members who love building.

I'm a journalist or consultant, can I join?

Sorry, but you may not. We're a community of operators interesting in advancing ideas and building companies. 

I'd like to attend a private lunch. How do I find out when/where they are?

Events are private for members and guests. There is a regular monthly lunch in Seattle (limited to 15 attendees), quarterly events in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, as well as meet-ups at major real estate tech conferences and occasional gatherings around the world. Email [email protected] to inquire how you can get on the list.

How do payments work?

Membership fees are handled through PayPal as a quarterly recurring payment profile. You can cancel at anytime. Alternatively, members may pay annual membership dues via Credit Card, check, or wire transfer.

Are memberships per individual or company?

Individual, though we do offer a company account that cover three individual memberships.

How can I get a custom invoice that meets my company's accounting requirements?

Formal invoices are provided for annual subscribers who pay upfront; however, it is not viable to offer invoices to quarterly subscribers.

There are multiple people at my company who are interested. Do you provide a discounted rate?

Yes, we do offer a discounted rate for multiple members from the same company. Please send an email to [email protected] if you're interested in taking advantage of that discount.

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